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The Asus Rog cross hair Vii hero has no place to hook up the front panel connector

Level 7
Where do you *Connect front panel I/O connector to Asus Rog Crosshair Vii hero ,the board has no 9 pin *to plug the Asus *panel, bought this expensive board without no connection ridiculous . I am lost for words .

Front I/O pins are along the bottom edge of the motherboard, just like every other ATX motherboard. Check your manual for the pin layout.
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I have the same board. They are bottom right corner. You might need magnifying glass to read the print on the PC board.. As suggested. If you don't have the manual. you can download it. Even though it is clearly marked in the manual, I always verify it on the board. Some printed manuals have a slight bit of errors on occasion. Its literally the second set of pins from the right bottom corner.