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Terrible CH7 3004 OC performance

Level 7
I recently updated my bios from 2901 to 3004 , and I noticed I can't overclock ANYTHING on 3004 , 2901 was as simple as me setting my FCLK to 1800 , DRAM frequency to 3600 , and DRAM voltage to 1.45V , and it worked everytime, no problems. Moving to 3004, I can't seem to move past D.O.C.P 3200MHZ ram and can't touch my FCLK , also noticed my CPU won't boost past 4.25GHZ ( 3800x ) on 3004 , but hits 4.35 on 2901.... I went back to 2091 confirm this , and it holds true , dialed in the same settings I tried in 3004, and no luck , QR code 07 ( RAM ) every time.

Level 7
Completely opposite experience for me, I went from 2801 to 3004, had never bothered with overclocking my ram before but decided to use the dram calculator & overclocked my gskill
flarex 3200 to 3600mhz using the fast timing preset at 1.37v, FCLK set too 1800 & everything is running sweet, my 3900x is boosting to 4516mhz (so a little short of the 4.6ghz) according to hwmonitor but as it stands I'm happy with this latest bios.

are you using Ryzen Master for OC your RAM?

@4.4GHz 1.4V
@3800 1.38V, SoC 1.1V, CL 16-15-15-30 stable