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STRIX X570-E GAMING - USB 3.0 ports not working

Level 7
I assembled a new PC with the X570-E GAMING motherboard. But if I connect one or both of the two USB 3.0 front panel connectors to the MB, the PC won't start. Not even the PSU fan will come on. If I remove the USB 3.0 connectors, the PC starts. The BIOS is the latest.

Are the USB ports just broken? What else can I do to verify? Is it time for an RMA?

Level 8
What case are you using? Maybe it has connections that are not compatible with the motherboard. I had a similar issue with an older MSI motherboard that had a USB 3 connection but the PC would either not boot or would hang forever and then eventually boot. I finally just ended up using the USB 3 ports on the back instead of the front panel ones and lived with it. Hopefully we can help you find an actual solution here though.

I have this same motherboard on my new build and have no such issues anymore with my new Corsair 5000X case.

Corsair 4000D Airflow

Your suggestion is good. Thanks. Upon looking at the specs, the case has USB 3.0 front panel and the MB has USB 3.2 Gen 1 and USB 3.2 Gen 2. Doing some more reading, it looks like I might need some kind of an adapter.