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Strix-F X570 Gaming PCIe issue

Level 8

I have an Aquantia 107 network card and regardless of which if the 3 PCIe slot it's plugged into, it's deteced by windows but "not connected" also no lights flicker indicating it's not powered up.

The card works fine in a Gigabyte Aorus board, and it's not the slots themselves as the GPU works in them

It has worked briefly but only very briefly and hasn't since worked.

Drivers has been reinstalled and uninstalled several times.  But as i said the card is detected in windows but shows as "unplugged"  in bios i can't see where it lists the PCIe devices other then the GPU.

Any help greatly appreciated, im pulling out what little hair i have and don't fancy buying another board just to get 10Gbe networking working

PS the bios has been updated. and tried clearling the cmos too which didn't do anything.