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STRIX B550-I 5800X stuck at 551MHz 5.53x multipler and Unusably slow

Level 9
Hey guys,

Thought I seen it all, on system wake up from hibernate my CPU randomly gets stuck on 5.5x multipler even if all threads get saturated and hit 100% usage the CPU doesn't go over 550MHz.

I did few quick searches on google and did not find anything similar. In my case ALL of the cores won't go above 5.5x multiplier, the workaround is to restart the system and avoid hibernating. I got into habit of hibernating the system to workaround the infamous NVMe disk drop on wakeup from sleep (that I eventually fixed. There's a separate thread I made for that)


Level 7
Bios version? 1602 and below were doing weird stuff for me but 1801 has been flawless for now.

Level 7
Windows Power saving / Balanced / Performance modes. They got stuck. I had the same problem days ago, same processor.
Just change modes and see what happens.

@ElGranPC, good tip, I will take a look at Windows power plan next time the CPU multiplier gets stuck. For reference my system was using "GameTurbo (High Performance)" plan which seems to stem from GameFirst VI application, at some point it applied that plan. I'm not using GameFirst VI anymore as it conflicts with VPN software. I'm back to "Balanced" plan for now with couple tweaks on top like no HDD sleep.

Level 10
Did you install ZenStates?