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Strix B550-F Gaming (WiFi) TPM header?

Level 7
Does anyone know what the unlabeled 10-pin header is next to the BIOS chip and the CHA_Fan1 and AIO_Pump headers? Looking at other boards, it seems to be a TPM header, but missing 4 pins. I wonder if the solder joints are in the motherboard and ASUS just didn't put them in. I would love to have a real TPM module rather than having this AMD CPU integrated junk that causes system studders. I still have the issue in beta BIOS 3001.

Level 12
AMD boards are not alone in having issues. My b560m-a ac board was a major headache because of tpm/Mei driver problems. It’s like windows wants to install a driver that won’t work with the board. The only solution is to roll back the Mei driver when windows updates it.

Level 10
I have a B550-F gaming (non wifi), and there isn't a TPM header.
No stuttering problems since a BIOS upgrade was released to fix that problem.

By the way, BIOS 3002 is now available, upgraded today and no problems to report so far.

I wonder if the problem you are facing is indeed a problem with the TPM, can you provide more details?
Perhaps is something else that we can help you with