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Strix B450-i WiFi and Resizable Bar system freeze [Issue]

Level 7
Hi all,

System Specs:
3700X stock bios 4402
Strix B450-i stock wifi card(also have spare working ac 9560 but still the same issue)
T force exacalibur very stock 2400mhz
Evga RTX 3080 latest vbios
EX 920 1 TB
no other funny third party add-in card whatsoever
*all BIOS or VBIOS or drivers have been updated to the latest. Have tried all possible driver uninstallation, clean installation, DDU whatsoever. I do not use LAN cable, only WiFi and Bluetooth

With Resizable Bar turned on, I can easily replicate the system freeze by streaming anything on the YouTube/Spotify for 30 minutes or less. It also happens way faster when I connect a bluetooth headset or speaker into the mix.

With Resizable Bar off, everything perfect, no issue or no system freeze.

I was surprised no one has a similar issue as me, was wondering because I solely use WiFi only. I was guessing if it was something to do with the fact that the PCI gets fully saturated with the Resizable Bar/GPU, hence all the issues with my ITX motherboard.