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(SOLVED) - Q-Code 8 cant boot new system Formula vii wifi 2700x

Level 7
Brand new system,

Motherboard powers on
when powered on the MB immediately displays q-code "8" the second number display is not lit.
I've flashed to the latest BIOS from the website "0509" naming the file C7HWifi which seemed to go smoothly.

I removed all external devices,
I've re-seated the RAM and CPU,
I have a PCI hardrive seated, but no SAS ports in use, and I've removed the Graphics card.

I've pressed the CMOS reset button.

I have not attempted to pull the battery yet.
I have not replaced the CPU power cable, thinking of trying that next.

Any other things I should try? Before moving to RMA/pay a professional to find the issue?

Level 7
Reseated CPU power cable, reseated RAM modules, Liberal use of compressed air.

Left unpluged for 10 minutes,

Getting low CPU fan speed warning now. but that's fine I'll work out what's causing that as I go. (fan seems to be spinning fine)

Level 9
run the fan auto set up in bios to get rid of that low fan speed error.
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Level 13
Sometimes using Q-Fan tuning can be problematic.

Sometimes a fan just momentarily may not power up quickly enough to pass POST check. I'd assess situation OP, if you can see CPU fan (ie have glass side panel) I'd just opt to set header to ignore for lower limit. Set on one of my rigs as below in UEFI:-

CPU Fan Speed Lower Limit [Ignore]
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