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slow bios startup

Level 7

Hello currently having issues with my board. I have a rog strix b550 f gaming wifi II, and recently the bios startup has gotten superslow for a weird reason also sometimes it kept spitting out errors left and right corrupting my OS countless times whenever i finish updating something on armoury crate like  the wifi drivers etc, In a few hours its going to bsod my device for no apparent reason for a stopcode error. I am not sure anymore what to do with this mobo anymore and the bios startup is just getting really slow at 37 second bios startup according to task manager. I just need help with the slow startup. I also ruled out the os being the culprit since I reinstalled it already three times and the armoury crate drivers still manage to ruin it. The SSD with win 11 on it also shouldnt have an issue since its an sn850x so being slow is out of the question. Most of the parts shouldn't be an issue since this board was only a replacement for my tuf x570 plus. 

ps. i am also running the latest bios from the website 

pc specs 
r7 5800x3d
8gbx4 corsair vengeance rgb sl cl16 3200
ASUS dual 4070 super oc 
ROG strix B550 F gaming wifi II 
WD SN850X 2TB (boot drive)
Samsung 970 evo 
Corsair h100i lcd to usb 2 port 
4x corsair sp120 to the hub 
corsair lc100 to the other usb port 
corsair rm850e
nzxt h5 flow