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Should I use Front or Rear headphone socket? (Crosshair Hero VII).

Level 7
I've looked online etc and seem to have found conflicting information as to what headphone jack is best to use (best quality), out of the front and back - any advise with reasoning behind it would be great. (I must admit i'm not sure what the difference is between the DAC and the Codec).

This below is the information on the motherboard, along with a few other bits of information i found regarding the components.

ROG SupremeFX8-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC S1220

- ESS® ES9023P

- Impedance sense for front and rear headphone outputs

- Supports : Jack-detection, Multi-streaming, Front Panel Jack-retasking

- High quality120dBSNR stereo playback outputand113dBSNR recording input

- SupremeFX Shielding Technology

The ESS® Sabre Hi-Fi ES9023P digital-to-analog converter creates a perfect balance for top-tier audio clarity capable of -94dB THD for superior front-panel output.

The SupremeFX S1220/S1220A delivers exceptional RMAA performance, reaching 113 db. It comes with 10 DAC channels, simultaneous 7.1-channel playback, independent 2.0-channel output, and multi-stream stereo to the front-panel outputs.

Level 9
I've always used the rear headphone jacks because using the fronts always gave me interference.