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RZ608 bluetooth (@x570-e gaming wifi ii) cannot detect any device.

Level 8
As the topic:

RZ608 bluetooth (@x570-e gaming wifi ii) cannot detect any device.

last day i made frsh windows 10 x64 pro (22h2) installation, dled latest drv from asus website

and today i found my bluetooth cant find any device, or be discovered by any device,

Any clues? Anyone used latest drivers and can say bluetooth is working fine?

MoKiChU wrote:

Try with the last drivers from my thread : [DRIVERS] AMD|MediaTek WiFi/Bluetooth

thank you my friend for ur support

hovewer it wasnt resolved my issue with bt, but i updated wifi too and it improved data transfer performance oO so one more time thnaks bro

looks like my bt is dead? but 2 days ago it was working, mb its w10 22h2 issue?

Level 7

i had a problem with my bluetooth. it wasnt pairing on any devices. so what i done was(sorry bad english).

clean install windows ( i didnt installed armoury crate via motherboard "thing")

then update windows with all available updates what there is.

THEN: i downloaded Armoury crate (but dont install ALL drivers at once)

install chipset driver, restart pc

install LAN driver, restart pc

install bluetooth driver, restart pc, then try to pair device to check if it works

install wifi driver,restart pc

install audio driver,restart pc

this was the ONLY way i got my bluetooth working