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Ryzen 5 5600G - B550-F Gaming - Corsair RM750x & 4-8 Pins? (DOA)

Level 10
Hello Gamers,

It's been years since I've been on the forum, because my trusty Maximus VIII Hero has been cranking along for almost 5 years! LOL

But I broke down and finally decided it was time to build a new box.

Here's the parts I bought;

B550-F Gaming
Ryzen 5 5600G
Corsair Vengeance 2x8gb LPX 3200mhz CMK16GX4M2B3200C16
Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4
Corsair 4000D Airflow
Corsair RM750x

When I pressed the power button for the first time, there was a click in the upper left of the motherboard, and the fans moved like 1/4 of an inch, that's all. With the PSU switched on, the upper left of the motherboard lit up with the RGB logo changing colors, which confirmed there was power to the board. When I first tried to start it, I didn't update to the latest bios.

Next I then downloaded the BIOS Version 2604 and used the flashback USB port and flashed it. I pressed the button 3 seconds then let it go, and it then kept flashing till the light went out. Once it was out I pressed the case power button, same thing, a click on the upper left of the board and nothing.

I also had two 8 pins cords plugged into the PSU, in the 4+4 CPU section, and I split one set of pins into 4/4 and plugged into the 4 pin and the other cord into the 8 pin, when I first tried to start it. But the manual said to use either 4 or 8 pin, not both, but then Asus has listed online to use both, and I've read others say you only need to use the 8 pin.

I tried starting it with only the 4 pin, then 8 pin and then both, nothing worked.

I swapped the ram around, I cleared the cmos, took out the battery nothing worked.

So I gave up after a few hours, thinking this is just DOA.

When I researched the parts and looked on Asus's site, the ram was listed and I've read the Ryzen 5 5600G is supported by the board.

So with it clicking each time I pressed the power button, which I've personally never heard a board click in my life, I assumed it was DOA.

What are some thoughts on this board and the parts I picked, how well supported, and what CPU pins do we use, only the 8 pin, or both 8 & 4 pin?

I've built a few computers in my day, and when I was done, I just pressed the power and they worked, just like this one I'm on right now listed in my profile I built 5 years ago.

I'm really bummed out, I haven't used AMD since Athlon days, and then when I decided to give AMD a go again after all these years, I go for this Ryzen, then run into problems and it won't start. Sheesh, makes me feel like I should of stuck with Intel. hmm 😞

THANKS for any help, input advice here!

Here's a pic of the where I plugged in both CPU cords I put a green box around.


Level 7
Have you tried testing the components bare outside of the case and trying another PSU if you have one?

Level 10
I just want to know how well supported this board is for the Ryzen 5 5600G and the cpu pins 4 or 8 to use on the board? From what I've read, you only need to use the 8pin, and the 4 pin is for doing OC, which also seems like even doing an OC, you can still get away with only the 8 pin. hmm

Does a click happening in the upper left of the board, indicates/tells us something? Clicks to me, mean a broken circuit/pathway, something can't make a connection, so I personally thought something was blown out on the board, there's always the possibility the power switch on the case was bad, I hope not, because I didn't send the case back for a new one.

But I'm waiting on a new psu, cpu, mobo and ram to arrive, and if this still won't start, then it must of been the power switch on the case is faulty, I hope not.


Level 10
I actually thought that every post that was made on this forum, at some point in time, the Asus Staff would check, and that this forum, wasn't just a User Community.

I'm really saddened that I made this post, came here looking for help and no response back from Asus on this.

I understand how this might be more community user driven, but it shouldn't be. Asus should have Staff that checks these posts, so end-users don't have to call Asus for support.

Anyhow I figured it out, needed a new case.

Level 7
Without testing parts physically, how would ASUS staff know this?

knt wrote:
Without testing parts physically, how would ASUS staff know this?

I wasn't only talking about, that the board wouldn't start, but I was also trying to figure out if we need to use both the 4 & 8 pin for the cpu.

People trouble shoot online, and over the phone all the time. Not trying to be rude, I'm only saying is all, but your reply makes no sense, when you consider you can trouble shoot with ASUS on the phone at tech support, what makes you think troubleshooting an issue on a forum is any different?

No need to reply, again, just saying is all, I'm mellow and all good.

Anyhow I figured it out as I mentioned, the case was bad.