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ROG X570-E-Gaming DOA/DEAD/BRICK board

Level 8
Hello so currently purchased this board.

I have done several days of testing now.

Black screen after 1 single reboot.

Bios has been re flashed multiple times via the manual method (motherboard came with 1005 version installed)

Tested with 3 different graphics 1060,1070,1080ti
3 different ryzen 3000 cpu, 3700x & 2 3950x.
3 different ram modules from corsair,g.skill c&b dies.

Nothing period, just dead. LED shows 4D in error code on motherboard.

I have tested all equipment for testing in other machines and works 100%, .

Because of convid19 the place where I bought is closed for minimum 14 days!!

I have seen this issue before on forums(reddit) also had the joy of asus motherboard x570-P doing the exact same thing after 1 reboot from updates board DEAD. all was from production in 7-9 month 2019, including the one I just got??

Using your awfully website to create RMA does not help either since it says serial number does not exist, even tho I could register the serial number via my account, but you you still want me to enter serial number via this ****show of a site