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Rog Strix X570 Gaming WiFi takes year to turn on

Level 7

Hello guys, since some months out of nowhere, my pc started to have a very weird error when I want to turn it on after a long period of inactivity (30 minutes). Long story short, when I turn it on, I gotta let it "warm" for around 5 minutes, the display doesn't show anything it just turn on the lights of the mobo, gpu and ram but the little LED in the motherboard stays white. No BIOS load no video nothing. After 5 minutes, I usually restart it, then the boot sequence start and the LED goes from white to green and it continues to boot. The Asus logo appears, but most of the times it is followed by the safe mode screen of the bios saying all the devices and drives, then after tbat it goes either to a normal boot or windows disk repair. This is so weird because if I turn it off for like 5 or 10 minutes and then turn it on back again, it works normally like nothing happened, but if 30 or more passes, I need to wait for it to warm.