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ROG Strix X570-F Gaming Bios

Level 8

Hi all!

Time to update the bios to the new version 5003 just released. I'm from version 4602 and skipped the later 4802.

As soon as I flashed the new bios, I reconfigured everything and above all reconfigured the PBO and the Curve Optimizer (-15 all core).

I immediately noticed that my CPU, R7 5700X, no longer reaches 4850 but stops at 4784... Furthermore, in idle it is no longer at 3400, but at 3551 as the lowest frequency. Has anything changed in frequency management? Has anyone updated? How is it with the new bios version?

P.S.: I have a discrete fTPM module, I used that before too...

In the rest, on the PC there are 4x8 DDR4 Crucial Ballistix @3800, XFX 6800XT, Seasonic Focus 850, CPU cooled by Thermalright PA 120 SE.


Level 8

with same BIOS 5003, i have a similiar issue with a X570-E, base speed is now 3800/3900 MHz and CPU idle at  64° (53° on the LED motherboad). I'm using 5900X, artic freezer II 360 (6 fans P12 PWM push-pull). i tried with BIOS 4802 and again some issues. With older bios 4602, not issues, CPU a 38/40° idle

Yes, temps are increased...

Level 8

for me issue is solved ! i continue with bios 5003 but i had re install win11 

Capture d'écran 2023-11-06 002038.png

Level 7

Hi, could you tell us why did you reinstall our windows 11? I'm at BIOS 4802 (AGESA version 1.2.0.A) for my X570-F and hesitating if install the new one (5003).

i re-install beacause some troubles during install win11 23H2 

Level 7

I installed that newest BIOS and I had no issues. It updated the fTPM and Leds. No performance loss apparently.

what's your fTPM parameters ? for me bios 5003 don't want to save the led OFF when PC off, so i have already light on 😞

Set S4 and S5 in ErP menu 😉

fTPM is All by default, Aura Off and the last option, something like "USB on when power off" is disabled.