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ROG STRIX x570-E GAMING 5.1 sound problem

Level 7
Hello to all,

I have upgraded from a sabertooth to this MB. I own an old soundblaster xtreme gamer which i have been using for much time without any problems.
My speakers are logitech 5.1 surround which worked fine with my previous soundcard and motherboard.

I assumed this motherboard should be good enough, soundwise, so i skipped installing the old soundcard due to drivers (its an old card)

I have installed the sound drivers according to motherboard downloads/manual.

The problem i am facing is that when i test my 5.1 surround system from windows or realtek console the center speaker comes from all front speakers: front left, front right plus the center. Basically the voice comes from the 3 front speakers. The subwoofer also comes from all 3 front speakers. (the connections are correctly connected to motherboard as per manual instructions)

I got some support from asus , until i was able to post. They asked me to install the same drivers again.
I messed up and now, SS3 says "cannot connect or invalid card" something like that..
Good news! SS3 is the one that was messing up my surround. Now my surround is fine. All speakers play the sound they should play when testing.
HOWEVER, the volume is low ...

i would like to ask if anybody had similar experience and if they found a solution. I dont care about ss3. dont use it. i just need volume back . (all volume everywhere is at 100% )

thanks to all