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ROG STRIX B550-I GAMING - 2 Question's

Level 10
Hey there, having this motherboard, very happy in general but,

1) Armoury Crate never worked for me, i dont know why, the program just doesnt open it crashes. (Tried format etc)

is there any other program official by asus that updates the drivers? Aka bluetooth? Or i have to do it manually?


2) Any news about Agesa? /// is out now!


Cheers, happy new year!

The "MyASUS" app in the Windows Store has an update feature but I don't know if it notifies you when you are out of date. I think you'd still have to click the updates you wanted to install.

Also, there was an issue recently with some users experiencing crashes in Crate due to the Windows System Language setting. If you use something other than English you could try temporarily changing it to English and see if that fixes your issue. If you can identify that a specific setting is causing the crash then the developers should be able to fix it.
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Level 10
Thanks for the reply.

MyAsus doesnt do anything sadly. So its a no-go.

Im hoping someday they fix Armoury Crate.

Level 10
Still waiting for Bios Update.