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Rog strix b550-e gaming

Level 9
new bios 1202

1. Updated AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI Patch B
2. Improve system performance and stability
3. Improved DRAM compatibility
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Just updated to 2806, and thanks devs b550-e cold start issue is gone now. On 2803 it is up to 3-4 reboots before post.

So silly of me, that I didn't look for a solution with G.Skill 4 ram sticks issue here in asus forum.
I had this problem for about a year with F4-3600C16Q-64GTZNC and B550-E. I thought my 5800x can't run 4 sticks on 3600mhz. I did like "suizman" with his Crosshair VIII (set the voltage to 1.36 and disabling the "Power Down mode") and no more windows freeze, no more hard resets.

But 2806 didn't fix my mobo's USB 2.0 ports odd behavior. When FL680 keyboard is wired to usb 2.0, if you press (fn + ~) to factory reset settings (which is common action) kb will respond and work fine but you are no longer able to control your kb via FL's software (F. L Driver). Firstly I thought it's a kb or FLs software issue. Then I got PC75B+ and after I pressed (fn + esc) same sh*t happened 🙂 Akko Cloud didn't detect my kb. If you connect them to 3.0 ports there is software access, 2.0 still inaccessible even if you update bios or reinstall windows. I've tried it on another PC with a different mb and all 2.0 and 3.0 ports have access after factory reset.

Level 7
Bios: 2806 with agesa
R23 Score 14000-14150
All core clocks: 4.125- 4.175Mhz
Max temp: 76degrees celsius

Bios: 3001 with agesa
same as 2806

Bios: 2604 with agesa
R23 Score 14500-14700
All cores: 4.300-4.325 mhz
max temp:84degrees celsius

Level 7

Hi guys ?

Any news with the latest bios 3202 ?

i'm still with the bios 2803 and everything works well, should i update ?