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Rog strix b550-e gaming

Level 8
new bios 1202

1. Updated AMD AM4 AGESA V2 PI Patch B
2. Improve system performance and stability
3. Improved DRAM compatibility
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Level 9
Wow, finally a new bios! Thanks!, see you in 2023 for the next one! lol

Level 10
Runs good so far.

For the fTPM stutter...
Hmm I had this on Agesa for quite some time but somehow I didn't had a single stutter in the last 2 or 3 weeks.
Instead I had some very short sound crackling, only sound crackling, not the usual fTPM entire system stutter.
Idk what I have changed... I changed some RAM timings, could also be driver or windows update.... not sure.

With the new Agesa I didn't had a single sound crackling once, usually i have 2 or more a day.

Level 7
2423 is the best, in terms of performance, and most stable BIOS, today.
I also updated to 2604 but I had been doing shutdowns when during restarts. Like it had adjusted memory.
Also memory timings needed to be samowhat relaxed compared to 2423.
So I've reverted back to 2423.

@pashaparfeny You should try to adjust PPT, EDC, TDC... according to Your needs. See

Level 9

MKEEN wrote:
New Bios out! 2803 Beta, going to install it now!

Installed it today, comming from 2423.
- First thing I noticed is termal throttling set to auto seems setting it to a very low value, it starts throttling somewhere around 70°C, e.g. Cinebench throttles my 5800x with PBO down to 3.8GHz. Manual setting it to 85°C removes throttling with my cooling setup and Cinebench results are fine.
- Memory still seems to run fine at 3800MHz with tight timings, obv. not long term tested.
- Compared to 2423 PBO frequency override seems to be 100MHz lower. On 2423 setting it to 0MHz resulted in a +100MHz OC (4850MHz with a 5800x). With the new Bios version a +100MHz settings is required for 4850Mhz, which seems to be the correct behavior. Infact with 2423 the +100MHz OC even applied when turning PBO off.

Level 10
So far so good.
Cold boot still seems to work fine.
And the ram trfc vaules are correctly displayed in the bios now.

Level 10
Overall good bios for me, better than all the last ones.
- fTPM stutter seems fixed
- cold boot bug is also fixed

With the memory issues fixed, I started some FCLK + memory overclocking.
At 1900 FCLK I get USB drop outs when CCD voltage is below 1v, 0.950v for example.
Same behavior for IOD when the voltage is below 1.05v.

Most stable settings so far:
CCD: 1.0v
IOD: 1.1v
SOC: 1.2v

CCD at 1.1v results in random reboots.
But I have to test this again because I cant remember what soc voltage I used there 😛

This is indeed stable, no WHEA errors but there is a problem with sound.
Sometimes there is very short sound crackling for a brief second.
SOC Load Line Level 2 makes this crackling shorter in duration.
And Level 3 seems to entirely fix it.

After a few days WHEA 20 stroke again.
Maybe this is related to CCD Voltage.
Because 0.975v already results in USB issues.
1v seems stable.
For IOD, everything below 1.05v results in USB dropouts.
So add 25mv as safety margin.
Which results in:
CCD: 1.025V
IOD: 1.075v
SOC Voltage: Highest VDDG Voltage (IOD 1.075v) + 75mV = 1.15v

Nope x)
I'm settling for 1866 FCLK now which already seems stable at 1.125V SOC Voltage.
All other voltages on Auto.
That is just too much voltage for 1900 FCLK.
And the difference is negligible.

schm0 wrote:
Overall good bios for me, better than all the last ones.
- fTPM stutter seems fixed
- cold boot bug is also fixed


cold boot bug seems fixed for me too.

For the fTPM stutters, I'll wait a few days 😉

Level 7
Noticed new kind of how restart is performed. It does transitory shutdown and then after few seconds it powers itself on.

Starting with BIOS 2604, this weird behavior is still present in 2803.
The 2423 version is the last that does reboot "normally" - that is without powering off.

ROG B550-E GAMING board with Ryzen 3700X and 4x 8 GB of Patriot Viper DDR3600 CL17 DDR4 memory. ROG 3090 O24G slotted in and 2 Samsung M.2 SSDs.

No idea about fTPM I dont use it.
For me cold boot bug was fixed in 2604 bios and its still ok in 2803.

But in the 2423 the frontal USB was fixed winth, and they dont work now in 2604 and 2803 ...

Its a shame I get the E instead of the B550-F because of the frontal USB-C.
The only fix I have now is to turn PCIE 1 from gen4/auto to gen3