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Rog Strix b550-a gaming, Help with watercooler

Level 7
so i have the MOBA mentioned on title ( asus rog strix b550-a gaming ) and a MAG-CORELIQUID-240R ( msi watercooler ), and i after some time searching i have found what i though was the right way to set up the cables, and i did so.

a few days back i got a error while booting, it said "cpu fan problem press f1" or something of the like, i entered bios, and exited after checking the fan configurations, and noticing that it detected the pump, the 2 fans, the 2 chasis fans, the third chasis fan which i dont have and so is disabled, saved and exited, and pc booted normaly.

so some specifications and explanations, as i read on the manual on both watercooler and MOBA, MOBA comes with AIO_Pump, CPU_Fan and CPU_OPT...

watercooler comes with 3 RGB headers, which have been connected one on eachother and into moba without issues, and disabled as per my configuration...

2 power headers for watercooler fan's, which i connected to the 2>1 connector and connected at CPU_Opt, Radiator power header i connected at CPU_Fan, as per instructions i found online, and the technician who was helping set it up, as we both though the AIO_Pump was meant for CPU block pump, which my watercooler does not have (i could be wrong here, it was a assumption on our part.)

and that's the thing, it was working normaly for a few days before that error. but i have been having some issues lately, i set the fan powers to 75% on 50-temp and 100% at anything above it and case fans at 100% all the time, because i was having issues with temperature before...
but i have been having some weird spikes, games or programs when opened makes the temperature spike to around 80+ sometimes hitting close to 90, then dipping FAST to 60-50-40 while playing.

now my questions, First, should i remove watercooler fans from CPU_Opt and connect to CPU_Fan, and change the radiator to AIO_Pump from CPU_Fan, near cpu block, or leave it like that?
is it normal for my config which is running smoothly at 35-45 temp to spike hard to 85 and dip back down?
Also, anybody know how to disable Update from tray that opens everytime i turn on pc? icon is a little globe.
any help in clarification is great. thank you all for reading my wall of text.

edit: Comp specs.
Asus rog strix b550-a gaming.
Ryzen 7 5800x.
samsung 970 evo plus 500gb.
evga rtx 3070 xc3 black.
2x8gb(16gb) g.skill royal trident red, 3200mhz, cl14.
evga psu 750w Gold semi modular.
MAG CORELIQUID 240R watercooler with 2 fans.
moded nzxt case h510 with 2 stock case fans. (cut the front for better airflow intake for watercoolers, as it had no intake for watercooler to pull cool air)