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ROG strix b450f bios

Level 8
Running rog strix b450f on bios 1201 which there are 19 newer bios updates.Would upgrading support the 2600x thats installed now.Is updating bios going to cause more problems?Would like to put 5800x in it eventually.Just a little bit scared of screwing something up updating bios.System is running good main reason for wanting to update bios was new cpu 5800x.Any help would be appreciated.Thanks

Hey Pegleg

When you update the BIOS, your current 2600x will still be supported.

Generally, I don't update my BIOS unless something is wrong or I need a new functionality. You could always wait until you're ready to upgrade to the 5800x to perform the update

The instructions in the manual are pretty straightforward, and in the off chance that something does happen, your motherboard supports ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3, which can help to reflash BIOS if something doesn't work right.
Page 74 in the manual has instructions on how to use the BIOS flashing tool.

Level 7

I updated to Bios 5701 from an earlier Bios update and then I installed 64 GB of Corsair Vengeance Pro SL with the AMD Ryzen 3600 2700X 8 Core 3.70 GHz base but overclocked at 4.01 GHz. No issues with stability.