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Rog Strix B450-F Gaming II + Intel Desktop WIreless M.2 2230 Kit - not compatible

Level 7

For those intending to add M2 Wifi chip from an Intel Desktop Wireless M.2 2230 Kit which uses the Intel AX200 chip, don't bother. I was not able to get the M2 Wifi card to work on the M2 Wifi slot of the motherboard fot both Windows 10 and Linux (w/ Kernel 5.10+) using the latest linux-firmware. It was not even the driver that was the issue. The M2 Wifi card is not getting recognized by the Asus Rog Strix motherboard.

The M2 Wifi card does both Wifi and BT. The bluetooth always works so you know its powered. But the Wifi chipset (Intel AX200 160 MHz) is not getting recognized by the Device Manager in Windows 10, or by lspci from Linux. So for this specifically M2 Wifi card with Intel AX200 chip with this specific Rog Stric B450-F Gaming II motherboard with M2 WIfi slot, it does not work. All the latest drivers/BIOS were installed at Oct 19th. 2021 timeframe.

Now, if you buy a PCIe card with the same Intel AX200 chip, it works. When I got the PCE-AX58BT card, it worked off the bat from WIndows 10 and Linux. The Wii and BT got recognized in the device manager. I was able to easily connect for both.

I'm sure there are other M2 Wifi cards that work as documented (but those uses ABGN protocols) in other Asus Motherboards but this Wifi-AX chip from Intel AX200 does not work with this AMD Asus motherboard. I'm sure its a BIOS issue, but I'm really annoyed by this. I had to utilize an empty PCIe slot to get Wifi-AX on my PC setup. Also, I had to use an internal USB slot on the motherboard to power the Bluetooth of the PCE-AX58BT card from Asus.

If the M2 WiFi slot had worked with the Intel Desktop WIreless M.2 2230 Kit, I would have saved a PCIe slot and USB connector on the motherboard.

Not sure who to blame, but I would lean to Asus Bios or incompatibility for this. If PCIe slot works with generic Intel AX200, then M2 Wifi slot on motherboard should just work for the desktop wireless kit. Bad Asus ... !