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ROG Crosshair VIII Hero (WI-FI) - High chipset temperature

Level 7

I have bought this motherboard week ago. I am wondering if this temperature is ok  - maximum value is from gaming. I am using RX 6900 XT GAMING OC 16G paired with 5 3600, case is Be quiet! PURE BASE 500FX, powered with Corsair RMx Series RM1000x. (Edited - English is not my native language).

Thanks for any advice.



Level 7

In addition: Fan is around 3600 RPM in IDLE with 3917 RPM maximum.


Level 11

Assuming that you are using the default optimized BIOS settings, that temperature looks pretty high.

This usually happens due to "something" phisically preventing the chipset fan to work properly (usually the GPU card), or the gpu card hot parts being directly in contact with the chipset area, or due to very poor ventilation in the computer case.

You may also want to check your HwINFO voltages, just to be sure they are Ok.

(76,8 °C minimum; 89,3 °C maximum; AVG 89,3 °C. Around 3600 RPM while IDLE; 3560 RPM minimum; 3917 RPM maximum (while gaming).)

Yes. The thing is that my 6900 XT is covering whole chipset fan (PCB is really long), hot air from there is blowing right into GPU where is almost non headroom for circulation. Almost whole LED logo is covered too; +/- this area is covered

My temperatures of CPU and GPU are around 50 to 70 °C. If they created this motherboard and knew that this issue will be present with longer GPUs cards, I am wondering if it is ok to not being worried about that. Fans of GPU are not spinning (IDLE), temperature of the chipset while using Microsoft Word and having plenty of Firefox tabs opened is 76 °C to 80 °C. I hit maximum of 89,3 °C by gaming session.

I am using 2x NVME discs and 3x 3,5" HDD.


I have a 3080 and a Crosshair VIII Formula, that shares a similar layout for the PCI slot and the chipset fan.
I never see my chipset temperature go over 65°C even during long videogaming sessions.
It may be that the 6900XT is just much hotter, but I'd still check if the chipset fan is actually spinning, if there is good ventilation in the case, and if any voltage is higher than expected, or if any other temperature besides the chipset one is particularly high, like above 70-75.
I can't think of anything else that can help identify the root cause of your chipset temperature.

Level 7

I have an idea... These are graphs from HW Info, 1st graph is during gaming, 2nd is in IDLE:

  1. Current drawn by by the chipset CPU

  2. Temperature

  3. RPM


    Would you mind to share your graph of power draw while you're gaming / IDLE?

I am not sure that it is a good comparison because of my non-stock BIOS settings and Windows configuration and cooling solutions, anyway this is 30 minutes of New World at 1440p :

and voltages during the same interval:


Thank you so much for posting this!

I checked my voltages too and nothing wrong with them...

You even have 9 5950X hooked up, so nice temperatures to see! I have 5 3600 and I do not know at all what would temperature on the chipset would does if I would change this CPU for something more powerful + it's not summer yet that's why I am trying to solve this issue...

Should I just RMA? It's 8 days since I bought this MOBO...


Before RMAing the board, I would check if the chipset temperature goes up to 80+ even when using only the CPU and no GPU, for example by using a stress benchmark like Cinebench R20 for 10 minutes or similar.

If the chipset temperature goes above 80°C even when using only the CPU, I would definitely RMA the board as it doesn't look like a normal behavior.

If it goes above 80°C only when stressing the GPU, then I would try to improve the case ventilation or the GPU cooling, or try to move the GPU to a different slot, just as a final test. In any case the power current variations that you showed in the chart you posted (that I assume is the SoC Current SVI2 TFN in HwINFO), with peaks over 30A, look like a defective board to me.

You may also want to look on other forums, if anyone has the same GPU and/or CPU and what kind of temperatures he gets.

Level 7

I swapped my GPUs. 3060 Ti for 6900 XT. Lowest temperature was 66,5 °C highest 73,3 °C Cinebench included.

That current meassurement was current draw from the chipset not from the CPU (you have to allow this meassurement in HW Info under "ASUS EC: ASUS" by "lns" key). I tried using different PCI-E slot:

Case ventilation. Three are at front, two are at the top and one is at the back of the case.