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ROG CH8 Formula and BIOS 4004 (AGESA V2 PI

Level 7
Today I updated my ROG CH8 Formula BIOS Firmware.
I don't know exactly how long the update process took, but it seemed like it was at least 5 minutes.
These updates are taking longer and longer each time.

I was running BIOS 3904 without any issues but I am trying to keep up with the AGESA updates.

After the initial restart, the BIOS updated the AURA Firmware.
This update carries a bug in it that kills the ARGB header.
My EKWB Bridge ARGB is dead right now.
Armoury Crate v5.0.11.0 does not detect any RGB headers at all under AURA SYNC.

Bostonjunk reported this :
I'm sticking with 4004 for now, just disabled the sync with the LED strip and it defaults to rainbow, which I can live with for now, but very annoying.

I think this problem is due to an incompatibility between the new AURA Firmware and the old AURA Software.

I powered down my CH8 Formula.
Turned off the power supply completely.
Turn the power supply on after waiting 2 minutes.
Booted up the computer.
The ARGB/EKWB Bridge lights up with the Rainbow pattern.
Windows 10 loads.
When the AURA service loads, the ARGB/EKWB Bridge goes dark.

I guess we now need either an AURA Software update to match the new Firmware, or a New Aura Firmware update to fix this bug.

Level 7
Today, I decided to flashback to 3904.

The flashback was successful and I setup all the BIOS settings back to what I stored previously.
When I booted into Windows, Armoury Crate had problems.
Uninstalled the Armoury Crate.
Reinstalled Armoury Crate.
Updated Armoury Crate.
Armoury Crate still has problems and now it won't recognize any AURA Devices at all.

This is getting out of hand for RGB...

I am going to Flash to the 4004 and just wait now.
If it never gets fixed, then I will just turn off the RGB and Uninstall Armoury Crate.

The rest of the computer runs Windows 10 with no issues...