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RMA Worthwhile

Level 7
So a year into this I've got a launch day 1800x and C6H. They still give me regular failures to post or boot (most often seeming to post, getting to the splash screen then locking at what should be the handoff to OS with 0d qcode), and recently got WORSE (not directly timed with a BIOS update). 6004 and these further problems led me to break down and try some G.Skill FlareX from the QVl, but this STILL fails to reliably post at stock settings, adding the lovely tendency to every few days, under light load randomly hard reset (I haven't run this ram through a full memtest yet, so it's vaguely possible that it's defective, but the post issues aren't new).

Should I just RMA the board at this point?

Level 9
no buy a 2700x and sell your 1800x.... spend more time in the bios. this is amd computing on the cheap. you need to do some work to get it working right... mine has had its fair share of boot issues with the ram but i loved getting it to work right in the end. dont give up...good luck with it!
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Sad to read that some issues I have with the CH VII are also present with the ancestor CH VI. AFAIK I reduced the RAM speed and was able to get past the hangup accompanied by code 0d. It still is far from stable though..

Level 7
It's obvious that the board has severe issues like usb ports can't handle extension cables and onboard ethernet has speed problems too and cpu voltage is off so is dram. Only reason why I chose this board was for its usb 3.0 ports for vr and I can't even use them because they show up as usb 2.0 when I use extension cables. The crosshair vi hero has so many bugs that I think asus are using us as beta testers.