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Resizable BAR is not working os Agesa Tuf mb gaming plus wifi x570

Level 7
Hi, Resizable BAR is not working these are my specs:

Windows 11 226222
Asus TUF Gaming x570 plus WIFI with bios 4403
RTX 3060 TI MSI Gaming X Trio, VBios updated and nvidia drivers latest as well
Ryzen 3600X

Everything was working with no issues, but since the last agesa I do not want to downgrade, is not working the Resizable BAR, also the UEFI was updated so idk why this, GPU Z appears as the turn of in bios but in bios is enabled, I tried updating everything and reinstalling drivers with DDU but is not working, simply previous to updates was working and now is not, please assist and thank you in advance. The attachments is showing off but in uefi both decode above 4g and resizable bar are on even it says off, no large memory at device manager please help