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RAM speed decrease after CPU upgrade

Level 7
Motherboard is TUF B450M-Pro Gaming
RAM sticks are 2 x Kingston KHX3200C16D4/16GX
CPU is Ryzen 7 5800X
BIOS is 3802 which I think is the latest available.

I am used to not being able to get above 3200MHz on the memory frequency, but now I am not even getting 3000 using D.O.C.P standard profiles.
Did set BIOS to default after the CPU upgrade and started from there. Only tried different D.O.C.P so far.

Anyone has any ideas on where to start changing settings... ?

homdax wrote:
Lol, yeah, experience does not equal excellence.. 😛 .

I can't really swap the CPU's back and forth. The old CPU is in another rig as an upgrade from a Ryzen 1600 ...

This may come as a surprise but I am actually expecting Asus or someone to provide me with the correct BIOS settings to make this work, because there must be such a thing, right? It can't be anyones best guess?

sorry the late reply, well if u just have Driver only instaled i think you will not have the "sdk" task (so the problem dosnt come from here)

you are booting up as if the XMP clock had failed and its running "safe mode" (i think), do a clear CMOS, then load again your profile and if this dosnt work, instead of selecting DOCP try setting it to manual and apply yourself the XMP timings