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Pstate0 with Crosshair VI Extreme + Ryzen 3700x

Level 7
(given that those who buy a crosshair extreme would like to have free hands on the settings and customizations to be adopted)
I would like to OC with the pstate0 modification to maintain the "power saving".
I tried various solutions and combinations available on the MB, both from the "MANUAL CPU OC" menu and from the "AMD CBS / CUSTOM CORE PSTATES" menu, as indicated in the manual.
Malfunction detected: the CPU frequency is accepted and implemented; VID CPU voltage is accepted, but does not operate at full 100%.
The main problem is that "POWER SAVING FEATURES FOR IDLE CORES" are not activated even if I enable them manually or leave them in the car.
My only misunderstanding is this warning in the PSTATE menu: "customize this pstate, applicable only if PcdOc Disable=FALSE"; I didn't find it in any bios options, or at least I didn't see it. What does this notice mean?
Among other things, by making the aforementioned changes the "Q-CODE LED" signals me OC, as if I were overclocking by modifying the CPU RATIO.
I wondered if this feature was disabled with the bios updates; Eventually I would like to know on which bios version these options are fully functional.
Has anyone succeeded in this?