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Positive experience with BIOS 1107

Level 9
Background so far: I have run a few of the beta BIOS and was able to get my Corsair Dominator Platinum 3200 memory up to 3200 mhz where it belongs, but some other instabilities would creep in. I suspect because of the like 150 mhz Bclk I had to use. For some reason, the 2666 profile clocked up never worked on 1002 or the other BIOS for me so I had to clock up the 2133 profile. No D.O.C.P. (which stands for Doesn't Operate Computer Properly) profile really ever worked for me for some reason -- always had to manually set up.

On 1002 I could only get up to 3100 mhz on memory but that was at least acceptable though that last 100mhz ate at me...

1107 is a charmer so far. Here's what I've got going and quite happy:

  • Running Corsair Dominator Platinum part number CMD16GX4M2B3200C16 @ 3200 mhz on the 2666 mhz profile, stated timings from the RAM manually set at 16-18-18-18-36, with 1T command rate showing in CPU-Z.
  • Running memory at an overvolt of 1.4 to be sure, but it ran at 1.35.
  • Bclk is at 120, selected a memory speed of 2666 which gives 3200. Also verified seeing 1600 mhz memory clock in CPU-Z.
  • Manually set ProcODT to 68.8 ohms.
  • Memory testing timings (using SiSoft SANDRA) show the increase in performance.
  • The system gets to windows boot FAST, even after a power down cycle. Maybe not as fast as some motherboards, but WAY faster than under any previous BIOS for me.
  • Unsuccessful in overclocking memory even with extended timings, but these aren't Samsung B-die chips. They are Samsung E-die.

Overall, a nice bump in performance. I'm running a 3.9 ghz CPU clock using 1.462 volts and a Noctua NH-U12S SE-AM4 cooler and it's stable. Hate the volts but if I want to get that far with this particular chip that's what it takes. My 1700 isn't a lottery winner. But this is the same as under 1002 or the other BIOS -- no change better or worse.

Further note: I did try a Bclk of 100 mhz and a straight-up 3200 mhz selection for memory speed but it doesn't work even when the timings and other parameters are then set manually. I also am very sure that the Corsair Dominator Platinum v4.24 2x8g memory set I have is dual-rank Samsung E-die and that explains the limitations very well.
Tired of trolls and mods that act like this platform has no problems and it's the users fault. Later.

Thanks, I found it in the stickied experimental thread right after posting here.

I've been running it since then and haven't seen any obvious improvement over 1002 anywhere, but I don't have any additional issues either. It also eliminated the temperature gain I was getting with 1106, so I'm going to stick with it.

That said, I had almost gotten my RAM to stock settings on 1002 and haven't done any CPU over-clocking in a few weeks. So there wasn't that much room for improvement that quickly stands out.