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PC wont boot

Level 7
Was running bios ver 1302 for the Crosshair VIII Wifi board without any issues for ages. I tried to update to the latest 2103 bios but had issues booting with 3800mhz and 1900 UCLK. I then flashbacked to 1302 and the only things I done were, pressed F5 for optimal settings, changed ram to 3800mhz, UCLK to 1900 and upped DRAM voltage to 1.38v. It boots fine after that, but after shutting down and rebooting it boots to bios safe mode. Have to press F1 and do all those changes as stated above for it to boot into windows. What can be causing this?

Many thanks.

Level 12
Are you using a saved profile to boot from rather than manually reentering it ?

Are you using DOCP or just selecting 3800 and expecting it work everything out ?

No, I am not using a saved profile to load. I am choosing DOCP and then manually choosing 3800mhz and 1900 fabric.

ptruongy787 wrote:
No, I am not using a saved profile to load. I am choosing DOCP and then manually choosing 3800mhz and 1900 fabric.

Manually selecting 3800 overrides DOCP. What speed is the DOCP setting(s) actually for ?

This maybe your best shot - Ryzen Dram Calculator

There are two methods of using it.
The first uses presets, they are like saves of what works for any manufacture/die at set speed. These are like a collection of what is known to work in other peoples systems but it may result in BSOD however they have been improved in 1.7.3, having A0 Bin, A3 Bin and Bad Bin presets now and safe/fast options. It still requires you to enter the correct details.

The second method is using the calculator after exporting a file from Thaiphoon Burner, this far more accurate and not seen cause BSOD in any of my systems but YMMV.

(1) Open Thaiphoon, click Report button
(2) Scroll all the way to the bottom of the report screen
(3) Click 'Show delays in nanoseconds'

(4) Export, Complete HTML Report, Save

In Ryzen Dram Calculator, find 'DRAM PCB Revision' and select manual then
Click Import XMP button in DRAM Calculator 1.7.3

Navigate to your saved HTML Report, import it.

If you select details correctly, then you select speed rating desired for your RAM (3200-3800 is the typical working range) Ryzen DRAM Calculator should then be able to calculate safe and/or fast presets for your specific RAM.

The settings given will not be the same as the presets given in the first method unless your RAM specifically matches that preset.
Anyway overclock always has risk it won't work but I hope this helps explain how to use the Ryzen DRAM Calculator methods available within it and hoperfull this resolves your issue and give you stable RAM.

Hope you find this of help.