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PBO Guidance

Level 7
Asus Tuf gaming 570x-pro (wifi)
CPU Zen 3 5600x cooled with an galahad 360 aio
GPU RX 6800 Asus Tuf
Ram GSkill TridentZ neo 3600 F4-3600c16d-16gtznc 32gbs
Storage 2X NVMe WD 850 1TB each
Case Phanteks P500A Rear fan and three front fans.
PSU Seasonice Prime PX0-850 80+platinum.

Little about me. I've been playing on a gaming laptop for the past 8 to 10 years haswell (i7 and gtx 970) before then I had a desktop with an OC AMD black edition CPU and I think a 500 series GPU. Awhile ago for me.
So with that out of the way here's the meat and potatoes of the post. I'm new to PBO all of my overclocks have been static overclocking until now. I started with a static OC and got 4.75Ghz @1.375v with temps of 72c. Then I started playing with PBO and no matter the changes I made nothing happened when booted up. It was like I did noting in Bios. I found out what this problem was. I have PPT/TDC/EDC settings under AI Tweaker and advanced BUT under advanced I also have the curve optimizer. If one didn't match the other I don't boost over 4.4Ghz. At the moment these are my settings and results. PPT146/TDC82/EDC147, scalar is at 3x (4x does nothing) boost override 200. In curve optimizer every core is neg 30. I noticed that if I change all the cores to neg 20 I only boost with a multi core work load to 4.6Ghz but if I change just my best two cores nothing changes boost wise. I get a multi-core boost of 4.7Ghz with temps being the same as my static while I get a single core boost of 4.85 around 48c. With my PPT146/TDC82/EDC147 settings Ryzen Master shows all three @ 86% usage (yellow) should I lower them as close to 100% as possible? I know PPT might lower temps since it relates to voltage but will lowering everything else optimize efficiency? How should I go about optimizing my curve.

Thanks for any insight.