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PBO(2?) Issue

Level 9

I was hoping I could get some help with an issue I think I'm experiencing - I my setup :

5900x / Asus dark hero x570 - (ek-quantum momentum rog crosshair viii hero monoblock)
8-pack/Team Group RIPPED 16gbx2 - 3600MHz CL 16
G1 980Ti/ EK waterblock
Seasonic X-Series 850w 80+ Gold

My cpu is running at stock, the Ram is DOCP 3600mhz, my GPU is overclocked

I had been experiencing frequent game crashes on my 2 most played games - those 2 being Assassins Creed Valhalla and GTA : Online, I am aware that Valhalla has/had a known issue where it would crash to desktop randomly after an extended period of time, and had experienced that before but I suddenly had been experiencing it alot more frequently - making both games unplayable, while also getting sudden crashes in GTA Online also - whereas I previously had not

the games would crash to desktop - my system would stay on, no hard reset etc but both games would just close, as if some-one had pressed the x button on the program, checking event viewer would give me an generic appcrash and Exception Code: (0x)c0000005

this started the week after I dissembled my PC to do some routine cleaning so initially I was wondering if I had damaged something - I slowly started to revert settings to stock - first the GPU OC, then the Ram DOCP and the CPU PBO OC - or so I thought

I had initially had pbo enabled in motherboard via asus tab which has the dynamic switcher, after reassembly I had enabled PBO from within the amd overclocking section - I wanted to see what I could achieve with curve optimization, it didn't seem to net me much of a difference from what I seen, I thought I had disabled PBO but turns out I hadn't- it was still enabled in the amd overclocking menu - I had made 0 changes to the cores/curve optimiser - they were still default, but I had set the limits to "motherboard"

After disabling this I have basically had 0 issues, from being unable to get 10-30 min playtime in valhalla to being able to complete the game

Does anyone had any advice on what could have been causing instability in games with PBO enabled/what settings I would need to change with PBO enabled to get it stable?

Many thanks in advance
i7-2700K @ 1.33v 4.6ghz/ Asus Maximus Extreme IV-Z
Nzxt Phantom + Nzxt Havik 140
His IceQ7950 3G/Corsair VX550
Finally Updated to Windows 7! :cool:

Level 7
I'm having the same issue of crashes to the desktop with multiple games and have not found a solution yet. I have not changed any settings in PBO so that is something else I can look at.
5900x, Asus Dark hero, Gskill Trident Z Neo 2x16 3800 CL14, 3090FE