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Patriot 3600 MHz DDR4 memory and X570-E problem..

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I recently built my system with:

ROG Strix X570-E
4x32 GB Patriot Viper 3600 MHz. ( 2x PVB464G360C8K )
AMD Ryzen 5900x
2x 2TB Samsung SM9A1 2TB

The problem first started about a month ago.. My computer stuck on restart.. After I reset the computer I saw that my registry was corrupted so I had to reinstall Windows again.. While doing that I saw some irregularities, so I checked my memories one by one with Windows Memory Diagnostic Tools.. 3 of them passed and one of them gave error as soon as test started. So I sent back my two memory modules ( because they're sold as dual kits ) and waited ~1 week to get back fixed memories..

After I got them I put all of them and booted. Then again, every chrome tab was showing "oh, snap" error.. I realized that there is still something wrong and tested again and found problem again.. I was just going to return them again, then a thought struck.

I set my memory timings to Auto ( which was previously on D.O.C.P. (XMP) setting with 3600 Mhz. 18-22-22-42 timings / 1.35 V ) with 2600 Mhz.

I tested all of the memories together and there were no errors ( as far as I see )..

Then I thought maybe it needed more voltage to run stable on 3600 Mhz ( as far as I know this modules supports 1.40 V )... I set it to 1.40 V and tested again. Again I got no errors..

After a few hours though I got errors in Windows..

I checked memory QVL and it shows as compatible. I could run them on Auto with 2600 Mhz. but then what is the point paying extra for the speed. I still am not sure if it'll change anything, because while the test could show nothing is wrong with memories, it still may give error after a while, and it could be catastrophic for the system like a registry corruption.

So, I'm not at the end of the rope. I still don't know what to do about this. Should I give up on these memories? I don't think I could return them, because actually I don't think anything is wrong with the memories themselves. They just start giving errors after a (long) while, and I don't think I could explain this problem to where I bought them.

Here is the datasheet for the modules:

They're also there on the QVL: although as far as I see those memories are not there on official QVL:

Is there an option that I could use these with a bit slower ( 3200, 3400 Mhz etc ) but secure way? Better yet, is there a way I could securely run these as intended at 3600 Mhz?

Running 4 sticks is more difficult than running 2. If the QVL lists 2 sticks then it is not tested to be working with 4. Sometimes you also get a weaker CPU that cannot run certain speeds without more voltage. In this situation you can try a different kit which is on the QVL and sold as a package of 4 sticks. You might be able to run what you have with more voltage, manual timings, or slower speeds.

Ultimately you should run HCI Memtest after each change and let it fully test the memory for errors. You will need to launch several copies of HCI to fill the entire memory. Ideally let it run overnight to be safe.
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Mixing memory kits is ill-advised for plug and play. Please have a read below. The post is universally applicable to all DDR4 platforms. Memory kits are sold in the density they are sold in, so by multiplying them you are eating into the guardband put in place by the memory vendor.!-The-meat-and-pota...
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The memory controller normally needs a little more juice. Try using a manual SOC voltage from 1.05 to 1.1 or even 1.125 volts.