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Overclock Issue

Level 7
So I recently built a new system. I have the C7H Wifi. Ryzen 2700X. Asus Strix RX580 8GB. 32GB (4x8) Corsair Ram. Having a weird issue. I have the ram overclocked at 3200 stable. I have ran all test with pass. Daily use and gaming fine. The issue is when I overclock the GPU. If I overclock the GPU then I began to get memory issues and will no longer past the test. WOW will crash out even with a small overclock. My question is does overclocking your GPU effect RAM somehow?

Level 40
Overclocking does affect general system stability, yes. Pushing one component can cause apparent problems with another if the system is on the edge of stability anyway...since it's all linked. This is why RealBench is such a good test. It stresses everything at once.

Are you running a single kit of RAM?

I am using a single kit.

I am just using one Kit. Just for testing I left everything at stock and then overclocked my GPU. Was able to overclock fine leaving everything at stock.

Dunaway428 wrote:
I am just using one Kit.

OK I just asked because mixing kits can leave your margin for stability lowered even further...

Finally figured this out if anyone is having a similar issue. I tried various timings. Looser to tighter and still was having the same issue. I actually ended up increasing the power by 10% in wattman for the GPU and things became stable. Ran stress test for 16 hours without any more issues.