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Okay, I have to take it back, still having problems with Corsair accessories.

Level 7
Corsair h150i will periodically disconnect and reconnect. It's far, far less frequent than it was in 1201 and 1300, but still occurs from time to time. Every four or five hours or so.

Everything else seems rock solid, so good on you for that! Down to just one bug to squash. 🙂

Level 8
Pro or Platinum version of cooler? Many have the same problem with the Platinum cooler with a variety of platforms as seen in Corsair forums. I have the H115i Pro on ASUS X470-F and have never had a problem since installed back in December. Setting a static color for the device supposedly removes the bug. Also, make sure you have the latest USB drivers, such as ASMedia for AMD, and not just Windows generic. I had a problem with the Vengeance RGB Pro RAM not being seen in iCUE on the X470-F and was told by Corsair to go to a months old BIOS or wait for ASUS to fix the problem. A month later a new version of iCUE came out the problem was fixed, in their software.
X470-F, 2700X, 5700 XT Nitro+, 970 EVO, LanCool 2 Mesh Performance, H115i Pro, 16GB3000C14, TT650W Gold

Alright, so I've got a Corsair Commander Pro, which is hooked up to a bunch of fans and an h150i.... I don't know if it's pro or not, but it's not the new RGB one. Anyway I double checked everything you suggested, I've got solid lights, updated my drivers, checked iCUE for updates (I might reinstall it just for grins and giggles, might do something, I'll report back if it does) but I'm still experiencing the problem.

This was present on the last two bios, so I'm pretty sure it's the same bug, but at least this time it only happens infrequently, and it's more of a nuisance than anything else. Next time maybe it'll be gone for good, but I can tolerate it for now. All computers have quirks, right?

Level 8
I would post in the Corsair Cooling forum as someone with more experience may be able to help. The Commander (Pro) adds another level if the cooler is in any way connected to that.

My cooler's pump speed cable is connected to the CPU_fan connector on the X470-f and BIOS CPU fan setting on the fan wizard chart is set to full speed at all temps and DC mode (cpu fan shows as DISABLED in Monitoring, so PWM/DC and % may have no influence), while my case fans are set to PWM and custom curves. The radiator fans are connected to the pump and the pump USB connector is connected to a USB2.0 port on the lower portion of the board.

Edit: Added cpu fan note in parentheses ()
X470-F, 2700X, 5700 XT Nitro+, 970 EVO, LanCool 2 Mesh Performance, H115i Pro, 16GB3000C14, TT650W Gold