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Official CH7 Audio driver is hda not uad?

Level 8
Just saw the update today that the audio driver for our board is still HDA and not UAD, I was wondering why is that? Is our audio solution old technology on our boards? Currently I am running the UAD driver I got on the forum due to SS3 used in the HDA being outdated and not providing what was advertised (sonic link etc.)

Level 7


sorry for the late reply. i am active on that thread already, yes the drivers work, but not perfectly i have found (no ability to set the cross-over frequency which leads to poor 5.1 and 7.1 audio quality) and that some games seem not to play well with them (forza horizon 4 side and rear audio is low on a 5.1 and 7.1 setup).

Given that i run a 7.1 setup i am still running test comparing the two but this does not address the fact that Asus does not recommend an official UAD driver for the product on the CH7 but on the Maximus board they do (even though it is the same device) which made me ask the question.