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OC Crossair VII + 2700X

Level 8

Help Here.

Due my recent problems with a 5700XT, i update bios and lost my previous settings on OC my CPU.

Usually i have my 2700X at 4100Mhz stable and RAM at 3400.
Now my problem: every-time i put 41 on multiplier, the core locks always at 4100MHZ 😞

Whats the option to insert a manual multiplier and at same time dont get stuck at this number/multiplier?

This is stupid, but this board is too much for me........

Watercooling the CPU and lot of fans and a Seasonic power. Memorys are Flare X 3200 B Samsung.....

Also....i get a weird d3 going crazy here....Help!


Level 8

Seems this forum is dead..... :((