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not getting new bios

Level 7
ok so i've been trying to get the new bios 9943. i download it, move it to my flash drive, extract it so i've got 1 cap file. i go into my bios and can't find it anywhere. i've gotten 1107? in the past where i had todo this the same way, because you can't get it right from the web from the bios and had no problem seeing right it there in bios. i'm lost i'm not sure what i did differently.

Level 9
Your bios wont see it because it must fall outside of any naming conventions requirements. The better option is to use the flashback feature on the board. There are many videos showing the flashback being used. just one of many.

There are a few basic requirements though.
1. Format the USB stick to fat32. There are manuals stating it works with NTFS but some wont so go for the safe option.
2. The file must be in the root directory
3. For Crossfire VI hero the cap file name is c6h.cap. Rename the bios file to this.

Steps to use it.

1. Switch off the power.
2. Insert the USB stick into the flashback slot. It is a 2.0 slot with the white box highlighting it.
3. Switch the power back on, but do not initiate start up.
4. Press the flashback button and hold for 3 seconds. It will start flashing with a blue light.
5. Do not power off until the blue flashing has ceased.
6. restart the machine with the new bios update installed.

Well damn. I changed my flash t o fat32. Put the new bios on it and it gave me an extra folder. So i tried that and found it!!! Not sure what my son did to the flash drove but i got 9943 now thank you sir much Appreciated