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No keyboard or mouse during Windows 7 installation (B350-F)

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I am building new PC and using Asus STRIX B350-F Gaming motherboard. It has only USB connection available for mouse, so I used USB mouse and keyboard. I went first to BIOS and I am able to use keyboard and mouse there. USB options are all enabled. However, when I start installing Windows 7, I get to the first screen to select language and neither keyboard nor mouse is detected.

I understand that relevant USB drivers are not on W7 installation that I use. I wouldn't want to purchase new Windows just because of that.

I searched for USB drivers on that particular motherboard support site on Asus, but there is none. There is Chipset drivers of 1.3 GB but I can not use them prior I install windows. So after reading various websites, I understand that the only way out is to find relevant drivers and insert them into installation ISO file. I have tested one driver, used NLite to inject drivers to ISO, but ended up with same problem, no mouse or keyboard under installation. The whole process took quite some time, so I would like to avoid running through multiple attempts to find the right set up. This is why I am here.

Do you have any advice? Or link to correct driver for this particular motherboard? Or am I missing something else?

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do you have any other usb keyboards you can use?
try different ports too maybe?
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I have tried all ports. BIOS updated to latest version. Both, mouse and keyboard are available if I go into BIOS (and I need to click F2 to get into bios), so computer finds hardware. But when I start installing windows, it is not available anymore...

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yeah, i know 😕

here's what i think:
you said it only has connection for mouse , then i assumed you meant: one usb port for mouse, one usb port for keyboard (you're not using some sort of unifying dongle that connects both mouse and keyboard to a single dongle right?).

then you went and tried windows install, and both mouse and keyboard inputs were non-existent (missing). this made me think: i've only seen this instance once, when a Corsair K70 keyboard's firmware wasn't up to date and forcing repeated keystroke inputs.

look at picture below:

the switch controls compatibility and response rate. i had this problem on the reverse (windows install was fine, but to use the keyboard on bios, the switch must first be switched to BIOS mode before it'd work, and you've got to do it before bios starts detecting hardware). my workaround at the time was simply getting another generic USB keyboard i had lying around to get into bios and finish up windows install. subsequent Corsair K70 firmware updates fixed this for good.

i'm suggesting the same because it's the easiest fix (if the problem did come from your keyboard).

alternatively, maybe perhaps: disable fast boot on bios and force full hardware detection during every restart.
USB keyboards (in general) should work universally, their protocol is standardized, and one shouldn't really need to install additional drivers for windows install to work as it should, hmm. 😕
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I said "It has only USB connection for mouse" meaning there is no PS2 connection. But yes, there are several USB ports and I tried them all. I did not use unify dongle, used usb cable mouse and usb cable keyboard connected to separate usb ports.

I will check if there is any switch on keyboard, not at home right now. However mouse definitely has no switches and is not detected either. I have read that W10 has USB drivers, while W7 might not have it for modern motherboards. This is why I try to find them and insert to W7 installation ISO file

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I've long stopped playing with nlite and my memory about that is fuzzy at best. Sorry can't help you on this one. It'll take me quite a while to get up to shape with that program again.

Tell mah how it goes, I might learn something or two from your endeavor too.
Hey, do me a favor and disable fast boot and also enable full system initialization on bios. See if that helps anything.
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Level 14 wrote:
I went first to BIOS and I am able to use keyboard and mouse there. USB options are all enabled. However, when I start installing Windows 7, I get to the first screen to select language and neither keyboard nor mouse is detected.

There should be a "Legacy USB" setting somewhere in BIOS. Try booting with this setting enabled/disabled to see if it helps.
I understand that relevant USB drivers are not on W7 installation that I use. I wouldn't want to purchase new Windows just because of that.

Some possible solutions ... at least ideas to try out or consider ...

- Connect the keyboard/mouse to a USB hub to the computer, the older and cheaper the better, because if the hub only supports early USB2 or USB1.x protocols then all downstream USB devices connected through it will enumerate with older USB2 or USB1.x protocols that Win7 natively supports.
- Alternately, if a USB keyboard works but USB mouse does not then you might be able to connect the mouse through a USB hub built into the keyboard.
- If your Win7 isn't SP1 then you can upgrade it to SP1 at no cost (using the same Windows Product Key), I can't recall but I think it had better USB support.
- You can try reinstalling a clean copy of Win7 from a bootable USB flash drive, when I did this with a Win8 installation it automagically fixed similar USB issues in some way I never quite bothered to understand but which still worked perfectly.
- You can try installing an Intel USB driver (like this one) intended for other Win7 platforms, sometimes they won't install or won't work, sometimes they will.
- You can try fixing Win7 USB drivers. Apparently the perfect solution for many users.
- You can buy a Win10 Product Key. Microsoft charges CAD$148+, other vendors charge much less ("only" $20~$50), and there's often promo codes or coupons. A sucky option, but at least it will future-proof better against future USB (or other hardware) problems and probably cost less than you paid for the keyboard and mouse. I hate giving Microsoft money, I already bought stupid Windows at least two dozen times over the years.
- You can install a linux! Mint is a popular and powerful choice for linux novices and Windows refugees. There's also SteamOS, Androids, etc, though I don't know much about running them on desktops. It might do everything you wanted Windows to do except run DirectX (although Mantle and Vulkan are pretty good*). These non-Windows operating systems are well-supported, always FREE, and can run off "Live USB" or "Live CD/DVD" installs so there's not even any need to do a fixed OS installation if you're apprehensive about "wrecking" your Win7. Nothing to lose by trying one out.

* Vulkan is proving very compelling (one example) and even superior in some ways over Microsoft DirectX 12. The caveat is that *very few* games are optimized for Vulkan, it's supported by SteamOS and UE4 and it's steadily gaining traction, it will be supported by many (if not all) upcoming titles ... but in the meantime it is poorly supported and games with no Vulkan and no DX12 must run sucky OGL, lol.
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Hi.Sometimes I had the same issue.Try to disconnect mouse and keyboard for 10 seconds and then plug them back.Maybe it will help.

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Can you please post what keyboard and mouse you are using?

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Logitech G19 and G700s.

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