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No internet after windows reinstall with B550-F Wifi II

Level 7


i had to reinstall windows and have no internet since. Both Wifi and lan connect, but don’t have access to the internet. I think I tried everything and feel out of solutions. Would anyone have an idea?

Ethernet driver ver:

Wifi driver ver:


Level 8

Hi Zerassin, 

ever tried to look in the device manager to see if  there is any conflict on the network card?

when you are connected wired, do you see the lights light up both on your network card and on your internet box?


Thanks Ikaris,

Yes, I tried that and didn’t seem to find any conflict. The lights are on both on the modem and network card.

some of the other solutions I’ve tried:

- troubleshooting with windows 

- resetting network settings

- manually changing DNS through Ethernet device settings

- resetting IP and DNS through cmd

- deleting and reinstalling drivers

- disabling Ethernet and running only on wifi (and vice versa)

- reinstalling Windows (again)

I assume that you receive a valid IP address and that your PC is able to ping the IP address of your gateway.

Does the network connectivity status indicator on the notification area at the  right of the taskbar indicate no Internet connection?

Yes to both. There are 0 delays when pinging and in theory all should be fine

Hello Zerassin,

I don't guarantee that this is the solution but can you try the following if it hasn't been done?

Go in Regedit.exe


At the right  see if the value of EnableActiveProbing is equal to 1.

If not modify it and reboot your pc.

Tell me if it works please🤔😉


Unfortunately, it was set to 1

I tried giving the PC to the repair place, but guess whose local repair closed recently

Bad luck persists on you. 

 I don't think it's a hardware problem but rather a software problem since the physical level is ok.

Could it be that a firewall is blocking everything?

I think you should create the same post in the networking section of this forum

to be seen by more people interested in this subject , maybe?



Thanks Ikaris,

I managed to solve it by completely wiping my system drive and doing a clean windows install. Got rid of all the files and all the problems

Hi Zerassin and yw ,

to great ills, great remedies.

Congrats to you and  glad that solved the problem.