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new build won't boot???

Level 7
.i have nw x40-i motherboard, ryzen 5 3400g,, radeon rx 570, 2 x 8gb crucial ballistix sport 3200, .....all built and everything powers up - however nothing else happens. I have checked every connection including cpu more than once. The Q led light is orange and i have checked and is is the DRAM light. I've tested it by removing all ram/1 ram/2 ram and it still lights the minute i turn on the machine . its not the light for the motherboard as the other light is on when i turn on psu. I have cleared the ram jumper too.

I have now spent all day trying to figure out what the problem is. Oh I have also removed the graphics to check and now to make my life easier - that powers too.Every fan and light works, and I now have no idea what else to do. I havent reset battery because I dont know which one it is please as I have no idea

Level 13
Hi Craftprinces 🙂

Is your MB ROG STRIX X470-I GAMING? If so then yes the orange lit LED is a problem with RAM.
Removing all RAM would not test your RAM and would indeed throw an error.
Test each DIMM module in each RAM slot to see if POST will advance or the system boots.
If still no go then test your RAM using Memtest86 from a USB drive or try them in another system.
Please list the Part No of your RAM kit to check for a possible mismatch.
Ensure your Bios is up to date and please report back.

Also: You can clear your CMOS using the onboard CLRTC jumper (page 1-8 in your MB manual)
Removing the CMOS battery for 10mins will also bring Bios back to default and it is a silver disk type battery marked CR2032.
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