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Need help with C6H memory settings.

Level 8
Have had F4-3200C14-16GTZ (x 2) installed for over 1 year now and have never been able to find apppropriate settings. Primarily interested in getting it runninng at the rated speed before anything else. System is a C6H X370 with Ryzen 1800X and currently running BIOS 7501. Need to know every setting I need to change to achieve this.

Level 9
You'll want to be using this:

Also, probably not the best BIOS for Gen1 Ryzen. Older ones are better for Gen1 so I hear.

OK. Now have BIOS 7601 (as advised by G.Skill) and have managed to get settings correct for G.Skill F4-3200C14-16GTZ (x 2) so now running at 3200Mhz.

Have downloaded the Ryzen DRAM calculator and ran it which you can see from the screenshot confirms speed at 3200Mhz. The screenshot is of the "fast" settings generated for my memory using the Ryzen DRAM calculator and I would like to change the settings in my BIOS to match the settings on the screenshot but can find barely any settings in the BIOS that match the settings on the screenshot. Any advice on exactly what I need to change ? (had to overtype some of the settings)82972