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NAHIMIC Service Random crashes

Level 7
Hi everyone, hoping someone can help with an annoying bug.
The Nahimic service on my Windows machine will unexpectedly and randomly stop (crash) when I launch the Asus Sonic Studio 3 application.
It does not always happen, but often enough to be annoying.
Once it has stopped I have to manually restart it or otherwise reboot.

Does anyone know of any known issues, workarounds or fixes or have any other information?

This is on current version of Windows 10 64.
ASUS Rog Crosshair VIII Dark Hero motherboard.
Ryzen 9 5950X.
Applications installed:
Sonic Studio 3 from Microsoft Store,
DTS sound unbound from Microsoft Store,
Realtek sound drivers applicable to my board as per MoKiChU package.


Level 7
Just an update, this issue seems to mostly be a problem with the ASUS driver package from the support site for the board.
When I use the drivers on this forum maintained by MoKiChU they are far more stable.
I wish ASUS would fix the support page, seems really unprofessional.

Level 10

Yeah, Nahimic is pure trash like Armoury Crate. Asus should focus on providing stable software instead of virtual pets. This is supposed to be a gaming system, not a f'n zoo.