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my problem with c6h bios 1401

Level 7
first,sorry my english is not good....
my pc is ryzen1700X + asus c6h + 4X8G gskill 3200 c16 ram(HY AFR)
*up to bios 1401,i found 2 problems in my pc,some not in bios 9943(or 9945)

*1. the cpu temp*temperature
in bios 9943,the cpu temperature is fine,standby temperature about 40-45℃(oc to 4.05G 1.417V)
in aida64 fpu burn test,**about 71-75℃,but up to bios 1401,cpu temperature*was reduced by about 20℃,standby*temperature about 20-25℃.
if use windows 10 sleep function,temperature has been added about 20℃ after wake up...(not setup asus ai suite software)

2.the ram problem
in bios 9943,my ram can run at 3066 (16-18-18-38-1t)**,mem voltage 1.36v,soc 1.1v,and can pass cold boot(turn off the ac power).
also can run at 3200(16-18-18-38-1t),but can not pass cold boot.
but in bios 1401,even my ram*run at 2933,it can not pass the cold boot,and will restore to 2133

about my gskill memory,i found the memory tRC is very*important in bios 9943,at 16-18-18-38-1t(others all auto),only tRC more than 70, can run at 3200 but not pass cold boot.
these are all my problem,maybe someone have same with me ?

*Finally, thanks to Asus technical staff for their hard work**

note: this 1401 bios have temperature problem in my pc,if yours same with me,you must change your cpu fan strategy,cpu temperature in bios is not real.
otherwise it will encounter overheating protection in cpu burn-test.
because the cpu fan speed will follow -20℃ cpu temperature not real one.
a over clocking cpu close to 170-180 watts,burn-test with air-cooled, temperature only about 40-50℃,you can belive it?!!!