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Multiplier locked after wakeup from S3 sleep

Level 7

My 1700 runs prime/avx stable at 4.1 GHz with a manual voltage override of 1.3375, LLC 5 and 120% current capability.

When waking the PC up from S3 sleep, 50% of the time the multiplier gets locked to 15.5. I can usually put it back to sleep and wake it up again, then it uses the correct multiplier again.

Did someone else notice this? Is there something I can do, like increasing the SoC voltage?

BIOS version tested: 1501, 1602

Thank you

Update: It seems like it only happens after a couple of minutes sleep. When the bug happens and I put it to sleep and instantly wake it up again, the multiplier goes back to normal.

Level 7
This is still happening, even when lowering the OC to 3.8.

It's reproducable. Waiting for at least 10 minutes after sleep triggers this issue. Below that timespan, it wakes up with the correct frequencies.

Stabilizing my memory settings has mitigated the problem a little bit. I'd say it happens 1/4 times now.

Still happens when no overclock is enabled at all.