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[MIGHT BE CRITICAL] NVMe M.2 Disappeared After Restart (C8H 4004)

Level 7
People might be keeping crucial documents on their NVMe M.2's that's why I had to forewarn in the title.

I had updated to 4004 for 2 days now and was getting no errors whatsoever.

After Call of Duty Warzone crashed, I wanted to reboot which I did via a normal procedure and when the OS reloaded, my drive E: which was on a PNY CS2130 NVMe M.2 was nowhere to be found.

  • Disk Management did not see it.
  • BIOS did not see it.
  • Clearing CMOS did not do the trick.
  • Enabling/disabling NVMe Raid Mode did not work.

It had vanished without a trace after a simple restart.

As a last resort, I downgraded to 3801- a seemingly celebrated BIOS version for its stability - and it was all over back to normal again.

I know it might be anything - my NVMe M.2, my motherboard or other components. However since downgrading DID work, I thought you might want to know and keep a backup of your important files just in case or go back to a former BIOS like me before making sure this latest one is rock solid.


Level 12
This is interesting, and concerning. It sounds like your drive and the data on it was not affected, it just did not show up anywyere.

I updated my Dark Hero to Bios 4004 and have not had any issues yet but I have also not really stressed the system. I wonder if this was a one off event and if you loaded bios 4004 again if the problem would occur again. If you try it, please post the results.

I am having plethora of problems lately, like my Lian Li Galahad stopping working to overheat my system, constant crashes in CoD Warzone that don't go away despite formatting my system for 3 times and now this. I'd like to eliminate as much problem as possible while I am beginning to think that my C8H mobo is a faulty one in the first place.

But I will gladly update to the next version, just not this one, because I am a sucker for BIOS updates.

Level 7
Post all the rest of the detailed system, with or without overclock.