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LogoFAIL Exploit - X570 ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero

Level 7

Are there any plans to update the firmware of this motherboard to patch the LogoFail exploit? Other boards have received updates, however this one has not.

2023/11/01 is the date of the last update for this board as of posting.


EDIT: 2024-03-22 (4805) update for the board still does not fix the LogoFail exploit.


Sadly that is not an option, I have already purchased my cpu which is AM4 a while back, the only component I'm missing is the motherboard which either is not stocked by companies anymore or haven't received the LogoFAIL patch. This is why I urge that even if you guys at ASUS decide to stop providing support to these boards, at least fix this small issue. thank you

Is there a reason why everything has to be done through PM? find it crazy that a board that got an update a few months ago suddenly can't get one when a huge exploit is running around. Was going to purchase the dark hero for my AM4 build, but don't think i want to risk my system if something like this isn't going to be fixed. my apologies for all the trouble.

While it wouldn't be much of a problem on the surface, seeing that the easiest way for them to inject the logo is by getting their hands on your machine physically, there is always the chance that another exploit will package LogoFail with it, thus rendering that safety obsolete. Atleast seeing how there was an update yesterday, they are still working on the board instead of calling it quits like most other mobo providers (A lot of them already consider the X570 family to be EOL), I do hope that ASUS fixes the exploit on this board at some point. Would be awful leaving every AM4 board in danger because they can't change a few lines of code.

Level 7

The newest update for the board (4805) released 2024-03-22 still does not fix the LogoFail exploit.

Level 10

off topic... but where did the b550 bios/uefi thread go?