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igralec84 wrote:
I've bought a 2x8GB 3000 CL15 hyperx predator kit for 65€ and will see if that one works (the part number actually is on the QVL list, but it hasn't been updated in a long time), it's hynix so not really the E-die good one, but if it works, i'll live with that. If not, i'll know it's something else that's wrong and sell it. Maybe even sell the C7H and but a X570 board for that amount lol.

I have no issues whatsoever with HyperX Fury 3200 on Hunyx CJR. Running 3800 18-20-20-26 with just 1.34V. Rock stable

andyliu wrote:
if you been using DOCP profile, maybe try use the dram calculatorby 1usmus to do manual oc w/ safe preset.
and if you been using dram calculator profile, make sure you are using the latest one to generate the new profile.
have no issue running 4dimm flare-x 3200mhz myself.
maybe it will help? gl

No DOCP was problematic from the start, i've been using ryzen calculator for 3200 CL14 (90% of the time), 3600 CL16 (9% of the time and currently) and 3600 CL14 (just for 3dmark score boost) from the 1.6.2 calculator, all safe presets and V1 i think. No luck, they all pass memtest86 and ramtest with 3000%+ except the 3600 CL14 one that gets errors in 5s, crashes with all of them.
Maybe my board just doesn't like those particular modules (F4-3200C14-8GVK). Haven't had a BSOD today though, yesterday i had all 3 after running for 3 hours and then it was ok for the day haha.

EZ_PC_TECH wrote:
I have no issues whatsoever with HyperX Fury 3200 on Hunyx CJR. Running 3800 18-20-20-26 with just 1.34V. Rock stable

Interesting, no sure what the 3000 CL15 is on the Predator (pretty sure it's not E-die though), but will see what can be done to it.

Bottom line...BSODS in almost 99% of cases for me has ALWAYS been memory settings. (this vary s big time from one bios to another) Why or how its gets unstable who knows? Dial in the right speed and timings and you can go months with zero crashes. Some bios can let my pc boot with much faster ram settings, but eventually somewhere down the line that mysterious BSOD hits.
Yes sometimes the occasional bad display driver rolls around that doesnt like what ever gpu cause it gets the voltages all screwed up....but not that often

DOCP was once rock solid on my setup...but now a days i have to relax the timings form the DOCP default. Sucks but it works

igralec84 wrote:
I really don't understand anymore, i had 5 days crash free in the last month and a half, but then it started happening again when i was trying out other RAM profiles. The 0002+ the last couple of days was 3-4 BSODs per day, 2703+ was 1 per day or sometimes none, i'm now back to the official 2703 but it also crashed yesterday.
After each BIOS update i uninstall and reinstall AMD chipset drivers. Maybe the 3600 CL16 daily profile (the 3600 CL14 gets errors immediately but it's fine for 3dmark) is causing more problems than manual 3200 CL14 that i ran for most of the time, but also 2133 crashes so i don't really know, maybe the RAM is bad somehow eventhough it passes all tests overclocked or not, or there's something else wrong or became wrong with this motherboard. But 2700X + 3200 CL16 Trident Z RGB worked fine, then i don't know if it's the 3000 ryzens or the Ripjaws V 3200 CL14 that are the problem now.

What's funny is that i've managed to put in 60 hours of Forza Horizon 4 crash free in the last month, but i've had a couple of crashes this week while typing these posts, being afk or working out and catching the BSOD with the corner of my eyes lol.

Try using sata1 port for system disk, and install the latest version driver of i211 network adapter from Intel.
My 3700x had a lot of BSODs in C6H, and they are gone after I tried this method.

mimosoft wrote:
Bios 2801 for the C7H out wit ABBA:


I have a G Skill 3200 MHz CL14 kit, and pushing it to 3600 MHz CL 16 (instead of usual 3400 MHz CL 14) seems to downgrade performance on my 3900x. I'm talking about performance in synthetic benchmarks.

omerorge wrote:
Thank you. Official version? Beta?

Seems to be official. Both files are stored at the official download server.

mimosoft wrote:
Seems to be official. Both files are stored at the official download server.


Now running 2801, 4 cores 4400, 2 cores 4375, but i have reverted from 3600 CL16 to 3200 CL14 if it makes any difference. Did a fresh chipset driver install, might need to reinstall display drivers too, but will wait for a BSOD, maybe the bug check that ends with 133, that one seems to be display drivers. Theoretically, 3200 CL14 should be more stable than 3600 CL16.

Maybe i'll just stick with 3200 CL14 for daily use and load up the 3600 CL14 for benchmarks personal bests, getting the 3000 CL15 set next week so will try it to see if my motherboard doesn't like the current 3200 CL14 ones for some reason.