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Intel I225-V driver update not working on ROG STRIX B550-F GAMING

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Hi All

After troubleshooting why my system suddenly lost network access for not apparent reason, discovered in the Windows 11 Reliability History tool that Windows had updated the Intel Ethernet Controller I225-V driver from v1.1.3.28 to v2.1.3.15.  Reverting back to v1.1.3.28 works. Installing the version currently recommended on the ASUS support site for this mobo (v2.1.3.3) does not work. I have updated the BIOS to the current latest which is 3205 but same result. Is anyone else using a v2+ driver with this mobo, or encountered this problem and figured out what the issue is?



Level 7

Same with me.. 4 month already with this issues.. n nothing feedback from asus.. very bad 

Level 10

Im using Drivers - I225/I226 - Windows 11 : WHQL [29/06/2023] on my B550-A board.  no issues.  Also on Bios 3205


Level 7

I've since noticed that when I install a 2.x driver, Windows obtains an IP address from my router, but cannot ping anything on my local network, including the router which it dynamically configured itself from. Logging into the router using another PC on the network confirms that it did hand out that IP address to the B550-F PC. The Windows Advanced Networking section also shows the network sending and receiving bytes. I've tried flushing the DNS etc. with no success. It seems that something has changed since the 1.x driver that prevents it from resolving anything after going through the DHCP process, at least on this PC. Installing the v1.1.3.28 driver immediately fixes it. I have the latest Windows updates - currently Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.2283).

Level 7

I had this when I got my Strix B550-F Gaming, and i guess the problem is still there. Don't know if it's a driver issue, as I updated drivers but it didn't help.
Instead it was a cable that didn't work (but worked on all other computers). I could fix it by changing the duplex in networks settings to 10 Mbit half duplex then back up to 100 Mbit full duplex again, but i had to do this manually every single reboot and even every single time after the conputer woke up after hibernation/sleep mode, so extremely frustrating.
But it only happened on certain ethernet cables that were not exactly the best, like very long ones from building the house 25 years ago... or very bad cables... but trying around still most cables work.... I've never had problems with these cables with any other computer so something is weird about the i225-V that makes it pickier about cables... simply won't recognize that a cable is even inserted if it is not good enough... if you have the option of using other better ethernet cables, try that it will almost certainly work. If you need to use those perticular cables, or if you have wall plugs that are somehow too bad for this oversensitive controller, i guess just buy a usb hub with ethernet. or a simple usb ethernet dongle...

But the main point is that for some reason it is way too picky about cables, "bad" cables (that aren't really bad and work fine for all other computers, routers and printers) won't even get recognized as bad cables but just as "no cable detected". I've found no solution, and I doubt drivers will ever solve this, it might be a hardware issue.