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Installed Win10 doesnt show up on boot menu

Level 7
As the title says, i recently built a new custom PC with rog strix x570-E, AMD 5950x, RTX3080 etc. Installed windows 10 properly, everything went fine. I installed all drivers and the software I need. After all this new installed stuff i restarted computer and saw the message that no boot device found. on the boot menu i see my SSD which i installed windows 10 on it. But it is just showing the name of the SSD and i cant see Os on boot options. First i thought if there is smt wrong with the installation but from the EZ Flash Utility menu i can see there, in my SSD windows and all the files still in there. I don't understand so much about bios settings, just tried to change UEFI, legacy settings one by one but i didn't help for now. So i have no clue what can be the reason. Also couldn't found smt similar to this on from or the internet. Any kind of suggestions would be helpful, thanks in advance and cheers!